10 Ways To Improve Your Productivity So You Attract More Clients

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It can be very challenging to be constantly productive when you are the only one working in your business or social enterprise. I appreciate how hard it can be, so I have put together ten tips that I have found helpful to me. These tips help to keep me motivated and have actually saved me time. 

1. Write A To Do List Over the weekend, I write a ‘to do list’ and then I break it down over the next 5 days. Instead of trying to remember what is important for me to achieve over the coming week, I write everything down. You can do this on a pad, in your diary or as I do in an electronic task scheduler

2. Periodically Declutter Your Inbox This task may seem daunting, but believe me once you do this, it is so satisfying. Critically look at the emails and newsletters that you receive in your inbox. If they are not serving any purpose to you anymore, unsubscribe. You can always resubscribe if you think you have made a mistake, but in my experience, you do not miss them. You can also set up rules so all your newsletters are sent to one specific inbox, so they are all in one place for you to go through. The same thing can be said for Facebook Groups that you never go into or are not useful to you. Think about leaving them and concentrate on the ones that are useful to you.

3. If You are Not Sure Where Your Time Goes, Do A 7 Day Time Tracker and track how you spend your time over 7 days. How you are spending the proportion of your time will probably surprise you! Use the following three heading: Time / Activity / Insight & Notes. Be as detailed as you can, don’t cheat. Leave no minute unaccounted for.

4. Learn to Use Your Downtime Productively I really like this one, as for I find it very helpful to take breaks during my day. I often take myself for a short walk of just sit in the garden and have a coffee when the weather is fine and at the same time will listen to a Podcast or audiobook. I also listen to Podcasts and audiobook when I go for a morning run. When I have some time away for my work, I try to use that time to think creatively. I am often surprised how many good ideas I can come up with. Downtime is an excellent way to learn something new, refresh your mind and have a break and get those creative juices flowing

5. Learn to say “No” Do not be afraid to say no when you need to. We can all get into ‘people pleasing mode’ and we say, ‘yes when we really want to say ‘no’. Remember your goal and if saying yes’ does not help you reach your goal, learn to say ‘no’. Life will be less stressful

6. Progress Not Perfection Start before you are ready! All progress begins with a brave step, so start before you are ready. One of the biggest excuses that stops people from progressing their goal after ‘not having enough time’ is, ‘I am not ready yet because…’ Disobey that voice in your head that tells you that you are not ready. Perfectionism is a huge distractor and having high standards like these will stop you from progressing and moving forward, as you will never feel ready. So, start and tweak and refine as you go along. There is nothing wrong with changing things to make them better, I do it all the time.

7. Learn To Take Mini Breaks During The Day This one goes well with number 4. It probably seems contradictory to talk about taking mini breaks whilst trying to be more productive. However, regular breaks actually increase productivity and reduce stress. Taking a 10 – 15 minute break from your work allows your mind to have a rest and results in renewed motivation and the potential for new ideas

8. Learn To Deal With Procrastination If procrastination is a challenge for you, try the 15 Minute Rule. This little ‘tool’ can help you remain motivated and productive. All you do is promise yourself that you will only do the task you are procrastinating about for 15 minutes. Focusing your time on something for15 minutes is something that anyone can do. Often, once the 15 minutes is completed, you will probably continue working on the task for longer. It is a great way to work your way through tasks that you really do not want to do

9. Avoid Unnecessary Meetings You will be surprised how many meetings take place that will not add any value to your business and could easily be addressed using email or over a call. Attending meetings can be addictive, be discerning about yours.

10. Chunk Down Larger Tasks Large tasks and projects can feel intimidating and we can often overestimate how long they will take to complete. In fact, when a task seems a vast challenge, it can deter you from starting it in the first place, as it feel overwhelming. So, I keep my momentum by breaking larger task down into small manageable chunks and as I complete them, it builds into the completion of my task.

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