Black Friday FOMO!

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Black Friday ‘ is nearly here, although it feels like it has been ‘Black November’ this year, rather than sales on just one day, with all the deals, bargains and promotions that have been put in front of us.  It is suggested that shopping is linked to a desire for a sense of empowerment and that it boosts our self-esteem.  

A ‘feeling of missing out’ (FOMO), actually feeds into the cognitive bias called ‘Loss Aversion or Anticipatory Regret.  When we feel, we are entitled to a big discount and then if we do not take advantage of the exclusive offer, we will feel saddened when it is no longer available to us.  Therefore, because we are keen to avoid those feelings, we are more likely to shop when the deal is positioned as time limited.  This shopping habit is much to the retailers’ benefit, impulse purchases based on emotion, shift a lot of mechanise!  So, before you make that purchase, before you ‘self-gift’ and buy that item for your wardrobe, stop and think about the following: 

  • Is the item  in a colour that will suit me?  Please don't buy it in every colour, it is unlikely that every colour is going to suit you and if you do not beleive me, have your colours analysed
  • Does the item fit me properly?  If you are not sure and want an unbiased opinion, seek styling advice
  • Do I intend to wear it in the next month?  If you do not, maybe you should not buy it

Happy shopping.