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    Hello and welcome to my website. I am Amma Mae, a Life Coach & Image Consultant.


    I empower and support frustrated females who once and for all, want to change their image and start their dream business, without disrupting their personal life.


    Why Hire A Life Coach?


    A Life Coach will help you to clarify your goals and to identify the obstacles holding you back from achieving your goals. They will allow you to reach your ‘ahah’ moment, so you can put in place the strategies, to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. A Life Coach empowers you to achieve long lasting change.


    Why Hire An Image Consultant?


    An Image Consultant will help you learn what colours suit you and how to wear colours that are not ideal for you; identify your clothes personality or how to adapt it and help you to design a wardrobe that contains the right ‘pieces’ for your lifestyle. Together we will aligned your goals, personal style and brand for the life you want to lead.


    Why Work With Me?


    My psychology degree and corporate background sets me apart from other Life Coaches and Image Consultants. My skills and experience have given me an insight, into the complex relationship between confidence, colour choice, style, self-belief and achievement, which can be a fundamental part of our well-being. I also understand the importance of your personal brand and image and how this manifests itself into how other people see you. Therefore, I will coach you to develop the image and strategies that you require to be successful.



    I am a member of the Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI).



    Six Reasons Why You Should Work With Me


    1. I will help you to find your perfect colour palette and style in 21 days.

    2. I will help you learn how to wear colour and clothes that you want to wear, which are not the perfect match for you.

    3. I will help you style your wardrobe into a collection of clothes, that is suitable for how you live your life right now.

    4. I will help you achieve your goals quicker than if you worked on them alone, so you will be able to see results and live your desired life sooner.

    5. I will empower you to remain motivated and focused on what you set out to achieve.

    6. I will keep you accountable. If you are serious about achieving the life you want, there is no room for excuses.


    "In the end, we regret the opportunities we didn't take."


    If you have read this far, then take a moment to imagine the future you want, see it and feel it!

    Then go for it...


    Let's Talk.

    If you would like to know more and to work with me, please schedule a Discovery Call today and change your life.





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    What My Clients Say

    Colour Analysis Workshops

    “Thank you , had a lovely morning”

    “… very interesting and good teacher, good information.”

    “Was all very enjoyable.”


    Online Colour Analysis

    Had an online colour analysis last week with Mae Rae Personal Stylist and it was superb. I'm so glad I finally know what my best shades are and what to wear to best flatter my clouring. The after report and digital swatch sheet was also a lovely surprise and so handy to have at the ready on my phone. Now when shopping I can instantly check what I'm interested in is in deed a good match for me. No more wasted money on the wrong outfits! Very impressed and will definitely be engaging Mae Rae again when I finally over- haul my wardrobe - which is long overdue. Suzanne. R

    Total Styling

    Really helped me to put together a few different looks. Very helpful service, super quick and very professional. Thank you! Chloe

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