Get Out of The Matrix!

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway...'

· Coaching

“You are right where you are now, because right where you are is exactly where you want to be!” 

If I said this to a potential client they would probably disagree, but let’s unpick the statement. You see most people are happy in their ‘comfort zone’. They have a business or an idea for a business, it is ticking along, but not great, they feel frustrated most of the time due to the lack of progression, and/or the lack of money coming in! They may feel unsupported by their partner, they may have a lack of confidence in their ability to succeed. So, it is easy to just plod along, not to pop your head above the parapet, not to get noticed too much, in the hope that if it fails (because they think it will) other people will not notice too much. It is harder to get out of your ‘comfort zone’ and to be seen to be pushing ahead, because this makes you visible! 

Humans will always follow the route of ‘least resistance’, it’s a survival mechanism. We don’t like circumstances that make us feel threatened. But to expand, to grow, to develop, to succeed in achieving our goals we must, must, must, get used to being uncomfortable. You need to leave ‘the Shire’, you need to exit the Phone Booth, you need to get free of the ‘Matrix’… ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, is the saying and it is true. 

If you truly want to succeed, you need to stop relying on motivation, it does not work. Rely on turning your thoughts into a Strategic Plan that will carry you through the tough times and keep you heading straight for your objectives and desired outcomes. If reading this has stirred the ‘fire’ inside you then book a free no obligation Discovery Call today and let’s talk about your goals and aspirations and what you would like to achieve.