Looking Good On The Outside Is More Than Clothing!

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I can talk to you all day about styling and the benefits that dressing in your right colours and clothes will bring, but we must never forget about the benefits of looking after other aspects of ourselves. With that in mind, I had a pamper morning – a little piece of me time! 

This morning I spent some well-earned time practising yoga. The yoga I practise is Hatha. This type of yoga is something I have been practising for many years and it is amazing just how beneficial it is and how well I feel at the end of it. I ended my yoga session with about 10 minutes of meditation. Sometimes we just do not realise just how stressful our lives are… 

Think about all the different things you are juggling! High stress levels can increase our cortisol level and can and does create many physical problems for our bodies. I would seriously recommend practicing yoga and meditation for wellbeing. To continue my pamper morning, I used my favourite body scrub and facial exfoliator, finished off with a nourishing facial mask , while I sat and had a green tea and then moisturised. 

The best thing is, I did not rush my pamper morning, it was a pleasure to take my time. I took my time and enjoyed every minute of the experience. The point I am making ,is that it takes more than just one aspect of our lives to be on point, for us to be and to feel totally confident. When we know we look well and when we feel well, confidence oozes from our very being. 

So, start from the inside and make your ‘perfectly styled look’ the icing on the cake!