Social Media & How To Keep Your Sanity While Promoting Your Cause Or Business

· Coaching

We all realise that we need a certain amount of social media interaction to grow our businesses. But we also realise just how damaging it can be to our self-esteem and confidence. Let me share eight tips on how to use social media and not lose your sanity!

1. If you are comparing yourself to others on social media STOP immediately! A lot of what we see on social media is not real!

2. As a business owner, remember the purpose of your social media interaction. Make sure that you create before you start to scroll. I personally have trained myself not to scroll and to keep off social media unless I am posting content. Use your time wisely, DO NOT become addicted to the scroll

3. Remember, if your main concern every time you go onto your Instagram account is the number of followers, maybe you should consider switching off the follower count and just concentrate on creating really good content, for those that are following you. You can do this on Instagram. That way you cannot compare your account with others and neither can others compare your account with their. Try it, it can take the pressure off

4. To make a difference on social media and so you do not feel like you are wasting your time, you need to be consistent. You need to create and post consistently, being adhoc, is not going to help promote your business

5. Be discerning about what social platforms you use to get your message across. Choose your platform wisely and take into consideration your ideal client and your method of delivery. So, for me I do not feel comfortable creating reels or using TikTok and I accept that and I am happy and therefore tailor my social media output accordingly

6. If you seriously feel like you are struggling with social media one way to work out what is wrong is to keep a journal of what and how you are doing your social media, also note your feelings and thoughts. Then every week review the previous weeks entries and act on what you find

7. If using social media results in negative feelings, find a way of changing those negative feelings. Meditation is a good way, as is putting in place a ‘morning routine’. A ‘morning routine’ that consists of breath work and positive affirmations are excellent. I am a real big fan of having a good ‘morning routine’ to start my day. Having a ‘morning routine’ gets my day off to a really, positive and happy start. It means that I am not starting my day from a negative stress position

8. Learn not to hold grudges. Instead, practice acceptance, forgiveness and love. Accept people for who they are and how they behave. You are not going to change them; they are the only person who can make a change. Learn to forgive bad behaviour, you don’t need to accept it, but do not carry negative thoughts about it with you. Instead of thinking unkind things about people, work on thinking positively. It is surprising how we can think negative thoughts about people who we do not even know, who we merely pass on the street. Instead of a negative thought quietly say to yourself, ‘Bless You’ and see how that feels instead