Pantone Colour Update For Spring / Summer 2023 - Blazing Yellow

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Let’s talk about colour!

I think we can say that spring is on its ways and hopefully, just around the corner! So, what better colour to consider than yellow… Think daffodils!

Yellow is not everyone’s favourite colour (some of us may have negative memories attached) and some people are not sure how to wear it.

The Pantone colour updates are published twice a year prior to the London and New York Fashion weeks. It is great to see what they have predicted to be the colours we will see on the runways and in the shops.

The London update for Spring / Summer 2023, has predicted this year’s yellow will be ‘Blazing Yellow’. This yellow has a warm undertone, so great for those that have been colour analysed as a Spring or Bright.

Now if you have a cool undertone and want to wear yellow this year or want to add some yellow pieces to your wardrobe, there will be a yellow for you.


Studies into colour suggest that every colour and every tint, tone and shade of colour, will have specific psychological impact on us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Yellow affects us emotionally. It will trigger emotional responses in us. This has an effect on our nervous system, which sends signals to our brain and our body. Therefore, yellow really is a strong psychological colour. Think how you feel when you see and feel the rays of sun.


Yellow can have a positive as well as a negative effect on us. When you identify the right tone of yellow for you, it can make you feel:

· Happy

· Optimistic

· Confident

· Positive

On the flip side, yellow can also make you feel:

· Overstimulated

· Irritated

· Anxious

· Depressed


A Few Interesting Facts About Yellow

It is associated with:

· Pornography in China

· Mourning and sadness in Egypt

· Jealousy in Germany and France

· Cowardice in Europe and North America

· Treachery in Japan

If we know our ‘best colours’, is it possible to choose colours that will enhance us and make us look our best. But more than that, if we have an awareness of how each colour can positively and negatively affect us and those around us, we can be more mindful about what colours we choose to wear and how they influence how we think, feel and how other people response to us, which is very important.