Why ‘Getting Your Colours Done’ Will Enhance Your Look, Your Professionalism, & Helps The Planet!

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I am often asked, what are the benefits of ‘getting my colours done’. People hear me speaking passionately about this service that I offer and they want to understand why I am so passionate. Well, I think that anything that can lift people’s spirits, brings joy, happiness and a sense of confidence and wellbeing, is well worth being passionate about and well worth shouting from the roof tops! I remember the first time I got my colours done, what a revelation, what an eye-opener...! Getting your colours done is an investment in yourself, your personal brand, your business and for the planet. Below are six very important reasons I think the way I do: 

1. When you wear the colours that compliment your skin undertone, your skin, hair and eyes glow with health and beauty. You can wear less makeup because your skin will look more radiant. There is a saving right there.

2. You will spend less time, energy and money when you go shopping. When you know what colours to look for it means you can ignore the sections of clothing, that you know will not compliment your look. All you need to do is look for clothes in your best colours. So, if you are not buying clothes at random or experimenting with the colour trends of that season, you are less likely to make a disastrous choice and get home with another outfit that will just hang in your wardrobe, until it ends up at the charity shop. No more wasted money. No more wasted time. Less clothes going into landfill.

3. Image how much joy will be in your heart when you can look inside your wardrobe and you know that every single colour in there suits you, but more than that, every single colour in your wardrobe works with every other colour in your wardrobe? You will be co-ordinated because your wardrobe will be co-ordinated! Image how stress free getting dressed will be, for those important meetings, for meet ups with your friends and family, even for just going to the local shops or the gym. Less stress!

4. Knowing your best colours will enable you to ‘love our planet’ because, it will make you more confident with choosing your clothes and enable you to have more of an idea when you go looking for something unique in vintage shops, etc. There are so many amazing pre-loved pieces that can be bought to really enhance your style and a great choice of shops to shop in. You will really be boosting your sustainable credentials and getting something that maybe no one else has!

5. Have you ever come away from the hair salon feeling that your hair and especially the highlights are less than flattering? Just how great would it be to be able to tell the colourist that you have a cool or warm undertone, so that your hair is coloured in a complimentary tone, i.e., cool or warm based colour, bright or muted colour, the best level of contrast, etc. Be more informed… No more paying through the nose at a hair salon and coming away feeling like you want to cry!

6. Whether we realise it or not, colour and colour contrast plays a big part in how we are perceived. It will influence our personal brand and helps determine whether we look professional and ‘put together’ etc. Do you know your best level of contrast in your clothes? Do you know how to elevate the level of contrast to look more professional, confident or authoritative? Well, after ‘getting your colours done’, you will

7.  If you want to increase your ‘sustainability brownie points’, why not donate all the clothes that you know are not in your best colours to your favourite charity, so they can live on in someone else’s wardrobe! 

If the seven points above fill you with excitement and make you feel that you can improve your look, then book me for an Online Colour Analysis. That’s right, you can be located anywhere and have your ‘colours done’ with my Online Colour Analysis Service.